Layla Smith

ULN and ERN Responsibility


Random one, for HEIs delivering higher/ degree apprenticeships, please could I ask who has the responsibility for the Unique Learner Number and Employer Reference Number. The ULN is asked for on the application form but I have only had a handful of learners know it, so we search/ generate for it normally to upload it. A proportion of learners don't have a ULN so they have to be registered on the LRS. Similarly for the ERN, I even asked our own HR department, and they didn't know it, so do you search for those as standard? We are looking to make an online application form, and worried about making the fields compulsory if in practice, we'll only struggle! 


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Jess Reading

Very rare a learner will know their ULN, so its up to you as a college to obtain them.

For ERN's, its the same. Each employer is assigned an ERN similar to a ULN. They will not be aware of the number as its an ILR requirement, so nothing to do with the employer (although the EDS do have to call they employer to confirm details prior to assigning an ERN). If you are unable to find the employer on the EDS to obtain the ERN, its up to you to register them to obtain the number. Further info here 

Would definitely not be making these fields compulsory if i were you as they are both the responsibility of the college to obtain.

Ruth Canham-James

Same as jessicar, we obtain all the ULNs for our students. Even students who think they know their ULN, get it wrong, plus lots of students don't yet have one. There is a batch process the LRS offers to do these in bulk. The MIS software that we use plugs right in to that and we do huge batches of hundreds at a time sometimes.

I've yet to find an employer who knows their ERN, or would even know where to find it. They have one per site too, so it's not just one per employer if they're multi-site. We search for those every time we start working with a new employer/site.

Layla Smith

Thank you so much for these replies. Just wanted to make sure I wasn't missing anything! I will look into the ULN by bulk!