Becky O'Brien

Completed status in DAS - timing


We have an employer who is eager to add a group of apprentices to second apprenticeships. I wasn't able to set the apprentices as achieved on their existing apprenticeships in time for R04. Therefore they are still live in the DAS, and the employer can't add them yet.

If I were to submit a file well before R05 would that trigger the "Completed" status, or does the status change only occur after the ILR return is closed?

How soon after submission does the status update in the DAS?


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Ruth Canham-James

I'm afraid I don't know the answer, but if you do test it and find out, I'd love to know! :)

Jess Reading

I thought employers could add cohorts even though apprentices in that cohort may still be live in another cohort?

I ve had the error message that dates overlap, but that used to (or still does) only appear once you as the provider had input the ULN.

Is that not the case now?

Becky O'Brien

The guidance I've read seems to indicate that apprenticeships can't overlap.

I'm not dealing directly with the employer, and the second cohort isn't even with us, so I'm lacking a little detail.

Jess Reading

Hmmm yes that looks like a new feature - The apprenticeship service seem to like to make enhancements features, but then don't communicate them out very well at all. 

They originally published:

The training provider has returned the Individualised Learner Record (ILR) as completed confirming that the apprentice finished their apprenticeship training and assessment.

Once an apprentice record updates to “Completed”, a completion payment month is displayed on the record. This shows the month that the 20% completion payment to the provider was processed.

Its whether 'processed' is referring to the processing of an ILR after the deadline perhaps?

Sue Bishop

What I've found is that learners will be marked completed a within a week of period end (and latest submission with the achievement on there), however I have got one learner still live whose achievement was claimed in R01 and I can't get her progression on.  I'm getting the usual service desk update every 5 days.


Becky O'Brien

Thanks Sue.

That helps me communicate expectations.