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Eligibility Question: Biometric Residence Permit/Visa Query



Please can you advise on the following query.


We have an applicant who has a BRP status with Indefinite Leave to remain which is valid until the 31 December 2024.  This is 3 months shorter than the planned end date for the apprenticeship they are applying for.


The start date is 18/01/2021 and the Practical end date is the 30/12/2024 and Planned End date for completion of the EPA is 3/03/2025.


Are they eligible for funding as they have indefinite leave to remain and will be applying for a replacement prior to the current one expiring?


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Yes, it's not the learner's fault they're not allowed to extend further, so it's fine. Particularly where it's ILR and the learner has every intention to stay here.

Jo Phillips

Just wanted to be sure! thanks Steve