Lorraine Christmas

Fuctional Skills Name Change Evidence


We have a learner who has GCSEs in her maiden name and has a current marriage certificate, but she has had another marriage in between and doesn't have this certificate. So we can't evidence that these certificates belong to the learner. Is there any evidence other than marriage certificates that we can use to demonstrate this?


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Rebecca Drury

Hi Lorraine, 

We come across this now and again as it would appear when you get a divorce you have to send your original marriage certificate off and many people don't keep a copy of it (I never knew this), we also get it where their school adds step-dads name at the request of mum without any official proof of name change. If we are unable to use the PLR we get the apprentice to complete a statement set out as below. I had asked the ESFA for advice on a name matter and they said "In terms of authentication of an individual that lies with the provider and you will need to satisfy yourself that the person referred to on any certificate is indeed the apprentice." - this was regarding an integrated apprenticeship, so if you are needing to evidence maths and English for a standard it might be worth checking with the EPAO.

[Apprentice Address]

[Current Date]

To whom it may concern,

Re: [first name, middle name, last name] [DOB]

I was born [name as on birth certficate] on [DOB],

I married in [year] and changed my name to [married name],

I divorced in [year] and remarried in [year] when I changed my name to [next name],

[adding new lines for any further divorces].

Yours faithfully

[Apprentice Signature]

Lorraine Christmas

Thank you Rebecca, that's very helpful.