Ruby Osland

Working Visa


Morning all,

We have a lady from Australia who has been granted a 5 year working visa.

I have looked in the funding rules however still unsure if this would make her eligible for the apprenticeship.


I am aware that she wouldn’t be eligible as an EEA citizen however didn’t know if a working visa fell into one of the Non EEA citizen points (P376 in the rules)

If anyone could let me know their thoughts or if have experienced the same, that would be great.

I have emailed the ESFA but awaiting a response.

Many thanks,





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If she's here on a working visa, it'll be P375 that applies, so she'll be fundable after she's been here three years.

Given she's on a working visa I'm *assuming* that none of the Family Member rules (P381 onwards) will apply (otherwise she probably wouldn't need the working visa!)...