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Non-EEA citizen eligibility


Good afternoon,


We have a non-EEA citizen that has applied for one of our apprenticeships. He has been ordinarily resident in the UK for at least the previous three years and we have seen his right to work details via the notification service. Does this mean he has permission from the UK government to live in the UK (not for educational purposes? Or is this part of his permit/other documentation?


Any guidance will be greatly received.


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I'd be asking him about his visa status just to confirm what it is and when it expires? Of course, people can't reapply until their visas are about to expire, so it's not a deal-breaker, but it's useful to know.

Otherwise, he sounds fundable but it's good to know those details just in case an auditor asks (and you know I'm not a fan of "just in case" data collection in general!)


We always note on their paperwork what their intentions are for cases when it doesn't cover their planned end date - think this is mentioned more in 16-19 guidance ie you have to convinced that they are able to stay in the country to be able to complete their course.

Matthew Rogers

Thanks both - his visa is Dependant Leave to Remain (which I haven't seen before) and it's valid until 01/09/2021.


Dependant leave to remain sounds like the learner is under 18 arrived in the UK on the back of their parents visa status - they may have  leave to remain? 

Do they turn 18 on 01/09/21? Not 100% sure of the process but you would think their eligibility to stay in the UK will be assessed on their own merit, rather than that of their parents and they will then potentially be awarded leave to remain (without the dependant bit).