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Working remotely - outside of UK


What are the funding rules surrounding a learner who normally works and resides in the UK, but due to the pandemic has been 'stranded' in another country.  They continue to work remotely carrying out their normal duties because their role allows them to work remotely, they continue to pay the normal contributions.  Are they able to continue with their Apprenticeship, given that everything is delivered remotely?


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So, they remain eligible for funding because they're ordinarily resident here. My only slight qualm is about the 50% in England rule? There was another question about someone working at home in Wales @Melanie Aspinall, did you work out what to do?



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Melanie Aspinall

This was the response I got from the ESFA service desk:

15) Will apprentices who have been unable to return to England, due to the outbreak, but have been able to train and work remotely still be eligible for funding?

Yes. Although the funding rules require an apprentice to spend at least 50% of their working time in England we understand that, due to the outbreak, some apprentices will have no option but to work and train remotely from a location outside of England. Where an apprentice is spending more than 50% of their working time, over the duration of their apprenticeship, outside of England due to coronavirus (COVID-19) they will remain eligible for support.

You would need to evidence that they were unable to come to England due to Coronavirus (Covid-19) in the evidence pack.



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Jim Thomas

Hi - further to the above about a continuing learner who is stranded, is this the same situation for apprentice starts? We have a potential learner who would ordinarily spend most of their time in England but is currently stuck at home in Northern Ireland for the foreseeable future. Would they be eligible?

Thanks in advance

Melanie Aspinall

@Jim Thomas - when I raised this question with the ESFA, I got the standard "50% of their time in England" funding rule response. There didn't seem to be any leeway for new starts - only continuing learners. I've also rechecked the updated Providing apprenticeships
during the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak guidance and there is no update. I think it's worth sending an email to the helpdesk but the guidance is quite firm on the approach regarding existing apprentices and not new starters.

Melanie Aspinall

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