Carrie Rogers

More than one EEF code


The ILR Spec states you should have a max occurance of 1 EEF per learner.  
What if you have a learner with an EHC Plan and a Care Leaver Bursary?  Any suggestions?


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There's always one!!! ;)  But, you're right, can't have an EEF 2 and an EEF 4 on the same record

After Quite A Long Time down a funding rule rabbit hole, I'd go for EEF 4 because you need that for the learner to get the Care Leaver's Bursary, but any additional funding for Learning Support comes from LSF 1 and, where necessary, the Earning Adjustment Statement.  All EEF 2 on its own does is stop the employer contribution being generated, which EEF 4 does as well.

Carrie Rogers

Haha...  I'm usually always that one too!  

Thanks for your help!  Much appreciated!