Chris Roberts

MI Systems


Good afternoon

Can anyone recommend an all in one system for 16-19 study programme and adult AEB please?

We are currently using PICS as an MI system but it doesn't help us for enrolment or teaching. We have looked into aptem which seems very good but wondered if anyone else has used it before or could recommend any other platforms.

Many thanks



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Dan Hodgetts


Paul Rogers

Chris - I'd speak to Pellcomp to see what it can do for you to support enrolment / teaching.  There is a lot more to it than the initial product.

Chris Roberts

Thanks Dan

Aptem does look really good, we will look into it more. 

Darren Vidler

Aptem and Bud are solid offerings at the moment. That said, as Paul has mentioned above, Pellcomp should have additional functionality available which may save the time, effort and finances involved in a system move.

Chris Roberts

Thanks Darren