Jenna Carlin

learner destination and progression record


I have a warning R107 for some learners as they were due to finish learning on 13.11.20 but went passed their planned end date to 5.12.20.

In the meantime they started employment 30.11.20 but still achieved and finished their learning on 5.12.20.

I recorded their progression and destination as EMP:1 outcome start date 30.11.20 and collection date 08.12.20.

I have their employment outcome on their component aim as 00: N/A due to not having the appropriate evidence and declaration for the other codes.

Can you not record an employment start date for the outcome start date if they become employed during learning if you have not recorded the employment outcome on the component aim as employed?

Would I have the outcome start date as their actual end date?


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