Kate Saunders

16-18 start changed employment and now 19plus


I have a learner who started a year ago 16-18 as an apprentice, they have now changed employer and now 19plus.  Do I have to charge the c/o investment fee even though when they started they were 16-18. We are a non levy provider.


Thank you in advance


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Martin West


You should use Learning Delivery Funding and Monitoring Code: EEF 2 to indicate the entitlement to 16-18 apprenticeship funding, where the learner is 19 or over.


Ruth Canham-James

If it was just a change of employer with no significant gap, you shouldn't need EEF 2, because you won't have changed the enrolment. The start date will still be when they were 16-18, and all funding assessments for apprentices are based on age at start date of teh apprenticeship (it doesn't matter how old they were when they started with a new employer). If there was a gap between employers, meaning you had to withdraw and enrol again, then EEF2 would be the answer.

Michelle L

Morning all, Ruth Canham-James would this also apply to a learner who changes aim with the same employer? They started one aim aged 18, took a BIL and then came back, but were then aged 19 and started a new aim as they were struggling with the first? Many thanks in advance for your help and guidance


Ruth Canham-James

Hi Michelle. It depends what you mean by aim. If they're changed their standard (or changed from a framework to a standard), that's treated like a brand new start, and you must fee assess for that new start date. If they've changed one of the component quals, that doesn't matter, as they're not funded (other than English and maths).

If it's not the same apprenticeship, they didn't technically come back from the break, so you'd have to switch the old enrolment to Completion Status Withdrawn, rather than Temp Withdrawal. If they're just changing a component, just code the new one the same as the old one, and you shouldn't have any issues.

Michelle L

Thank you Ruth. They have changed standard so as you rightly pointed out, they didn't really come back from the break. Withdrawal and new start and no age related payment. Thank you so much for your help as always