Shason Gurung

Recording Break in learning for previous year after hard close


Hi there, could someone please advise the correct procedure in recording Break in learning for previous year (19/20) after the hardclose? The apprentice was recorded as continuing at the hard close of 19/20. The apprentice came back from BIL this year (20/21)

Hoping for your positive response.

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Martin West

The Provider support manual does not cover this scenario specifically, but the following should enable the data to be corrected:

On the Programme and learning aim/s, set the Completion status to code 6 ‘Learner has temporarily withdrawn from the aim due to an agreed break in learning’ and complete the Withdrawal reason field with the relevant code. Record the Learning actual end date as the last day the learner was in learning: this will be in the previous ILR year, do not use 1 August of the current year.

You record the return from the BIL in the current year as normal (see PSM Apprentice takes an agreed break in learning).


Martyn Wright


How does this relate to FRM27 then if the learner becomes an actual leaver? If you use a date earlier than 1st August (back into the last contract year) then the learner appears on FRM27 so you need to put 1st August to resolve the issue.



Martin West

Hi Martyn,

FRM27 will correctly report this see the following note from the guidance:

Please note: you cannot change or remove the data in this report if it accurately reflects the evidence you hold. The purpose of the report is to give notice of potential clawback for any overclaim resulting from late reporting of the data.

For this reason, you must not use a default date of 1 August in the current year.


Shason Gurung


Thank you for the reply. I was thinking the same.

I believe this would mean funding overdrawn in the year 19/20 for the learner. Could you please advise how would ESFA clawback the money or do we need to complete EAS?

Thank you again for the help.



I would be interested to know if anyone has any experience of the process of funding claw back. The FRM guidance for FRM 27 states the ESFA action as "Year-end funding recovery". My assumption therefore is that we annotate the report and note the amount of OPP that requires claw back ready for an ESFA funding audit or does this happen automatically.

Does anyone have an experiences of this they can share to confirm this?

Shason Gurung

Hi Paul,

I queried same to the helpdesk and I was told ESFA will contact us after the R14(20/21) to recover the funding.

Thank you

Jaci Littlewood

Excuse me for jumping in here, but we have a similar issue and am not sure what to do.

Learner when on a BIL on 06/07/20, we have just received an email asking for him to be withdrawn from the programme.

His last full progress review was in June and whilst there were targets set he didn't complete any of the previous targets.  The review prior to this was in April.

My question is, leave date should I put on the ILR?

Martin West

Hi Jaci,

Even though this relates to a previous funding year the actual end date should be the last evidenced date in learning but progress reviews may not evidence learning in which case you would need the last date learning was evidenced.