FRM Reports on Dashboard


Anyone feel like we've gone back a step with the FRM reports on a dashboard again?! Personally i m not bothered about any fancy graphs, stats etc, i just want the data!

Much preferred the Excel spreadsheet we accessed on SLD last academic year - liked each report on a separate tab. Now it appears if we want to export the underlying data its not a simple button to click (surely exporting the data is basic need of any provider) and we are back to the faff of clicking on the three dots and all the data appears on one worksheet.


Anyway, has anyone got their 20/21 data yet? I thought i saw a message on SLD the other day to say it was available but it wasn't. guessing it will appear at some point today?


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Paul (ESFA)


Just responded on this topic to say that there was a processing issue that delayed producing the reports. Apologies for the delay, all being well the reports will be available from around 3pm today.



Shason Gurung

Hi JessicaR,

Yes. I don't know about others but I am not a fan of dashboard as it is clunky and takes ages to load. Last year FRM Excel report on SLD was on point, all reports in one central location.


Anami Tailor (ESFA)

Thank you for the feedback. R04 data was released this afternoon for you to begin checking your data.

The decision was taken to use this new format in part because the previous production method will no longer be supported within the ESFA. The new post-16 monitoring reports dashboard also meets several key user requirements:

  • The previous format suffered from recurrent formatting issues which were not easily addressed. The new format avoids these issues.
  • This new dashboard allows you to download all your data in a single worksheet. This was a key requirement of users who wanted to be able to import data into their systems efficiently without the need to combine separate reports into a single file.
  • The new dashboard holds all of your reports (including those from previous years) in a single space instead of producing a different file each month, making it easier to cross reference datasets.
  • We have been frequently been asked by users to provide more metrics so they can check their progress and contextualise their data. The new dashboard allows us to present the data more flexibly, increasing its potential uses and allowing easier dissemination (for example, internal reporting).


Formatting is much better, still to be convinced about the single sheet though! But can see its got the potential to be imported it into a database so you can track any annotations you want to make.

Chris Roberts

Hi all, is anyone else having issues when trying to export the underlying data?  I can view on screen but it won't allow me to export the data!

I have some data errors showing on the funding rules monitoring reports in my submission data files and others on the monthly dashboard.  Do we now have to review two sets of FMR reports each month?  Surely we should be able to see all the FMR reports in the final dashboard data when it is produced? 

Thanks in advance


Have you clicked on the three dots and then gone to export data - there's instructions in the user guide if you need them.

There's 3 places they are triggered:

  1. ILR warnings
  2. A report made avilable upon submission to SLD
  3. FRM reports published a couple of weeks after the ILR deadline

1 and 2 are so you can resolve errors more timely and are the less complex queries i believe. Personally prefer this as the data you are looking at is more timely. Sometimes by the time FRM reports were published, things had moved on and some errors had already been resolved, and there were new ones that you wouldn't be able to see until the next batch of reports. We are now looking at FRM issues weekly rather than monthly.

Paul Rogers

Personally, I like it.  Much more easier to use than the previous, and you can see trends.   However, this morning, nothing is appearing for me....

Margaret Foster

Hi All

I have just tried again and have followed the guidance but find that nothing appears for me on the report - any ideas - can anyone else see anything