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Employed learners on Universal Credit hourly threshold


I have been working on LearnDelFAMType_81 errors, and I haven't been able to sort the ones relating to learners using Local Flexibility (on appropriate-funded courses).

The main issue comes from employed learners using Universal Credit as the waiver. I have read somewhere that if the learner works more than 20 hours per week, they cannot use the Local Flexibility Benefits waiver, but must use the Low Income one instead.


The article comes from 19/20, so does anyone know if the ability to use the Universal Credit waiver (on an employed learner) still has a 20 hour threshold in 20/21?


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So, here's the thing, it's a bodge. Quite a big bodge.

The Funding Rules specify financial amounts of earnings per month above which a learner on UC (and related benefits) is not considered to be "unemployed", not how many hours they work. However, as we don't record income on the ILR they had to come up with a proxy, BUT the Employment Intensity values were set by ESF (no really) so all we have is 0-10, 11-20,  21-30, 30+.

The threshold is *not* 20 hours, it's £343 take home earned income per month. Even a 19 year old on minimum wage would hit this with 15 hours a week BUT the ILR only errors if you use the Employment Intensity Indicator for 21-30 or 30+ hours.


(because I cannot stop myself, I *think* a 19 year old on minimum wage (£6.40) on a Joint Claim with their partner and therefore allowed £459 a month could feasibly work 21 hours before they hit it. If that's literally what you've got, then just put them as 11-20 hours and add a note to their file).

Mike Smith

Thanks Steveh for the confirmation, and your calculations! I am unable to put this into practice until after Christmas, so I shall update my reply once I've run the errors through.