Sara Lewis

Apprentice changing employer during EPA


We have an apprentice who has received the date of their EPA however they will be changing employers before EPA takes place.  Does the apprentice need to be set up on the new employers DAS and a new apprenticeship agreement need to be set up with the employer, or can they continue through the EPA process without any changes?


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Here's the thing, if it's a Levy learner, I doubt the old employer will be too happy about a big old 20% payment coming out of their pot?

I mean, by the letter of the rules, you definitely should, even if it's non-levy to non-levy (but I'm now trying to work out exactly which audit test would catch it ;))...

Ruth C-J

Yes, we'd get the new employer to sign up, and agree to pay the outstanding amount. Usually the 20% completion, but it depends.

Unless the apprentice was made redundant, they have to be employed when they do their EPA, and ESFA won't fund them. You can't charge the old employer for the completion if they've left there (which is what would happen if you didn't make any changes to the data), and if you don't get the new employer set up, you lose the completion payment.


I'm not disagreeing with Ruth! ;)

(but, if you got all the contribution up front and the old employer isn't desperate for 20% of the £300 they paid a year ago back...)

Ruth C-J

I don't think we ever disagree Steve!

I had that thought too. If the first employer was non-levy, they probably already paid, and wouldn't even notice if you didn't refund them, but I wouldn't condone that sort of thing. 

Carrie Rogers

We currently have this situation - learner apparently moved employer 3 days after entering EPA Gateway.

Just wondering with regards the HMRC issue - do they check that the learner was employed by the 'funding' employer on AED or ACH Date?