Ruth C-J

Advanced Learner Loan past Planned End Date


We have a handful of students that were on a one year, advanced learner loan funded programme last year. For various reasons they had to carry on into this year to finish their delivery, so we let them go past their PED. They're now coming up in the FRM21 report, because they're still coded as loan funded in the ILR, but they're not on the loan portal. Our Finance team tell me they did close the loan portal record.

Should we not have closed the loan in the portal? It would have made no difference to our income as we had all the loan last year, so wouldn't receive any extra, it just might have meant they didn't appear on this report.

I don't think we can untick the loan field in the ILR in 20/21, or it would break apart the 19/20 and 20/21 records, the same way changing the funding stream would. Or would it be ok? I'm currently planning on just ignoring them and hoping they disappear when the enrolments are set to Complete.

Any better ideas before I ask the Service Desk?


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I know you won't have changed the planned end date, so it looks like the report is too dumb to deal with late completers... Definitely wouldn't untick them or it will break the QAR record...

I'm not even sure they'll go when they're completed to be honest, but it's the old "I know I've done the right thing, even if FRM doesn't" I think.

Might be an idea to tell your Principal before they get the snotty letter about it...

Ruth C-J

Thanks. I'm not that involved with QAR, so not always sure what impacts. I know about dates and funding streams, but we have other FRM reports and other bits of kit that find those disparities between years. I wasn't sure about the loan indicator. I checked, and we have maybe ten loan funded learners who were due to complete in 19/20, but have continued into this year. Only 4 are on this report, the rest are not! All still flagged as loan in 20/21. I've asked Finance to check if they can spot and reason in the loan portal, maybe they didn't close all of them.

I always have every detail of every row on on the FRM reports ready to send to the principal should I be asked about it. I make extensive notes that I copy month to month for rows that I can't get rid of. I do not like to caught off guard or look like I don't know what I'm doing! I'm pre-emptively going to explain why we have rows in FRM27 again this year. I put a lot of effort into preventing those (and did manage to cut them down from last year), but I just can't stop curriculum sometimes only telling me about withdrawals that happened in one year, after that year closes. We have a lot of distance courses that don't have registers to monitor non-attendance, so I rely on the delivery teams reporting withdrawals properly. It won't be me explaining why the late withdrawals at least.