Actual OTJ Hours


Hi all,

Can someone please clarify when we should be collecting the actual OTJ Hours for apprentices?

Is this when they fully complete so completion code 2 in the ILR or when they enter Gateway so completion code 1?

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Martin Locock

The guidance says after gateway:

"The actual off-the-job training hours figure (rounded to the nearest whole hour) should be populated once at the end of the programme only. It should be populated after the actual learning end date field is populated, and before the end point assessment period is entered. The field should only be entered for apprentices reaching gateway; it does not need to be input for withdrawn learners or restarted learning aims."


Shannon Henk

Hi everyone,
Please could someone clarify whether OTJActHours is required for all Funding Model 36 apprentices who fully complete or only for apprentices who started an apprenticeship standard after this field was required (so who started after 2020/21)?

On the previous ILR, a few of cohort 2018/9 completed and OTJActHours was not populated, but no errors or warnings occurred. I initially thought this new requirement was for apprentices who began in 2020/21, but want to double check.

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Gaynor Hunt

From 1 August 2020 providers will be required to input into the ILR the total hours of off-the-job training delivered to each apprentice who started apprenticeship programmes on or after 1 August 2019. This information is required at end of programme only.


This is from the ILR Specification -see Martins link above  Hope it helps