Tim Billinghurst

Withdrawn during EPA


One of our apprentices' has withdrawn during their EPA and before taking any of the EPA parts. 

The apprenticeship is Teaching Assistant, so there is no qualification within.  Would I withdraw at the date of gateway and would I mark as withdrawn considering the fact that it is no a case of them failing etc?

Would this also mean we don't get the 20%?


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Yes and yes, I'm afraid.

Tim Billinghurst

Hello Steve 

I figured that was probably the case sadly but thanks for confirming.

Kimberley Jackson


We have this scenario - so do I code 3/3 and change the orginal 1/8 ? or do i change to 1/3. Just seems words mean eveything and my understanding is the 1 denotes completion of all learning .


Michael Felton

Hi,  We also have two learners that have left the business after going through Gateway and before doing their EPA.  Do we code these as 3/3 and change the original from 1/8, and do we change the POT termination date to the date that they left?