Liam Ryan

Change of apprenticeship level


We had a non-levy employer reserve funding for a level 2 childcare apprentice. They were inducted in mid-November and following a progress review, the employer learner and us all agree that she would be better on a level 3. From an admin point of view, what's the best way of dealing with this? The work she has done will be relevant to the level 3. I can't change her Standard and price on the AS and the employer tells me that she can't either. I didn't submit the start yet. Should I submit her as a level 2 then withdraw her, then start her again with the employer reserving new funding? If I did this would it impact on her grant (previously employed in the previous 6 months).?




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Liam Ryan

Looking at the PSM, it looks like I should submit the level 2 start then transfer her to the level 3 using the process in "FM36, recording changes". This doesn't however enlighten me as to what we need to do with the AS. If I just follow this process I'll get a mis-match with the AS?