Julie Maycock

Functional Skills Exams cancelled


I have a number of learners who have completed their learning for a level 4 apprenticeship and are ready for EPA, however their functional skills exams have been cancelled 3 times now due to Covid! Does anyone have any advice? Thanks


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AELP reckon there are thousands of learners in this position.

Cross your fingers that the one good thing to come out of lockdown 3 is a return to learners being allowed to have CAGs for FS...

Sue Bishop

 Has the CAG for FS thing been confirmed yet Steve?





No, not yet, but can't see it not happening (they're a bit busy trying to work out how 135,000 people are meant to take BTEC exams this week at the moment...)

Sue Bishop

Thanks Steve, that would be amazing, or we will have thousands held up at EPA with the financial implication of keeping the learner simmering so they don't just up and leave, with the potential of no achievement payment.  It's all a bit rubbish at the minute!

Julie Maycock

Thanks Steveh, I will do that. Learners are getting very frustrated!

Kay Mellanby

fingers crossed on this one as we also have learners in this position