Simon Liversedge

Funding for additional costs


Hello is anyone aware of any funding available for additional costs incurred when delivering apprenticeships or AEB other than LS?

For example 

  • send laptops or dongles to learners for testing
  • re-register with another AO to get learners through remote invigilation (we are about to register a raft of learners with another AO and that will be extra as we will have already registered them with other AOs)
  • hire venues for testing

Thanks in advance


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Um, testing or... testing!?

I assume you've looked at the Exam Support Service stuff?

I suspect your various bits *aren't* covered by it though (and, apparently, it's a pig to claim)...

Simon Liversedge

Thanks Steve yes FS testing not the virus ha ha,

That looks like it might be what she was referring to, much appreciated