Jim Thomas

U19 learner transferring between non-levy employers



Hoping for some guidance around a learner who is moving from one non-levy employer to another.

The learner was 18 at the start of the programme (June) but has since turned 19. 

- Would the new employer be eligible for the £500 incentive when the learner completes 365 days (in total) on programme?

- Alternatively, would they need to pay 5% of the remaining course cost, as the learner is now 19?

- Would this be considered a new apprenticeship hire in terms of the additional incentive payments? Original programme was in June (before these came in) so there were not previously due.

My understanding is that the answers are Yes, No & No but would appreciate other opinions.



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Martin West

1 Yes

2 Yes as the co-invest payments have nothing to do with age.

3 No

Jim Thomas

Thanks Martin

Just to clarify re; the second point, "the co-invest payments have nothing to do with age" - SMEs are exempt from the 5% contribution if the learner is under 19, which they were at the start of the programme, so the age has some bearing.

If the apprentice's age at original start date is taken into account for Q1, why isn't it also taken into account for Q2?

Thanks again


Sue Bishop

I agree with you, Jim, on point 2 if the employer is an SME.  With regards to point 3, I think the new apprentice incentives were going to be made available for learners moving from one employer to another if they had been made redundant, but not for a simple change of employer.