Michelle Leonard

Dummy Employer Identifier


We have an employer who is waiting for an EDRN to be generated. I was under the impression we could use the dummy "999999999"  (See below). However, I am getting an error on the rule violation report saying The Employer identifier is not valid? Can anyone shed any light please? 


  • A value of 999999999 can be used temporarily (within 60 days of the learning aim start date) until the employer number is known.


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Yeah, the dummy code is only valid for 60 days from the start date, twas ever thus.

Michelle Leonard

Yes, it is 61 days today!! Argh. Thanks Steve 



hahaha! Classic!

(I saw your initial reply and was confused!)

Michelle Leonard

That's because I was told Dec 20, but thought after posting....I will just check myself so I don't look silly, or throw something out there for people to unnecessarily worry about!! So glad I did Steve. If a job's worth doing.....