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Commitment Statement



Please, I need your advice, can you kindly help me with with Off-the Job Calculation section within the Commitment Statement? Can we only declare the Minimum 20% Calculation (Hrs) not stating what elements that have been used (Apprentice Hours Per Week, Weeks On Programme (Wks), Less Annual Leave Entitlement (Wks)?) They are going to be used once calculation is completed using the calculator but I am not sure if they are mandatory to be added as a full section within the Commitment Statement.

Also, do we need to declare the Apprentice's working pattern (ie Monday-Friday 9am-17pm)- I am sorry, I am not able to find this information in guidance?

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Martin West

The commitment statement must include:

P74.4 The amount of off-the-job training that will be delivered to meet the minimum 20% requirement (see paragraphs P48, P49 and P53 for what can and cannot be included in this calculation). The individual’s prior learning must be taken into account before calculating the off-the-job requirement and designing the programme.

P74.5 The planned content/components and schedule of eligible training. For standards with mandatory qualification(s) this must be, as a minimum, a list of the units. For standards without a mandatory qualification this must be a description of the activities that the apprentice will undertake to develop occupational competency. It must also be clear if the component has been used towards the calculation of the minimum 20% off-the-job training requirement.

I would say the working pattern must be included as you can only evidence OTJ hours undertaken within working hours.