Gill Knight

Wrong planned end date


A cohort of learners has returned from a BIL in this academic year and the wrong expected planned end date has been submitted on the ILR. Can this now be changed with it being in this ILR year? 




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We can always correct errors, so, yes, you can (must!) change it to reflect reality.

Michelle L

Hi Steve, Does that include new starts within this funding year? I have identified that a learner has had their "main component aim" planned end date entered incorrectly. This has in turn adjusted the whole planned end date and recalculated the funding over 18 months instead of 15. My software guys have confirmed that it will always take the earliest / latest date recorded within that leaners details and return. As this is an admin error, do we override with the correct date and then the funding will be readjusted and correct? The DAS is correct btw . Thank you so much in advance for your help and guidance 


Once again, yes! :)

If the record doesn't exist in previous years then correcting errors is easy, just change it and it will all wiggle through the system(s). It's only where you find something returned in last year's R14 that is fundamentally wrong that it becomes a pain (it's not impossible, but it can be tricky).

Michelle L

Great stuff, Thank you as always Steve!