Simon Liversedge

Actual OTJ hours for learners returning start date prior Aug 19


Hi we have learners with original start dates prior to Aug 19. It was not a requirement to record actual OTJ hours on completion for these learners and now we have some that have been on a break and returned. 

It is bringing up an error if we do not record the actual hours now and the ESFA service desk have informed me we need to do so. I just want to double check this is everyone else's understanding as I did not think we needed to record for starts prior to Aug 19. 


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Funding Rules say we don't have to, ILR Rules say we do! In general, I think people have been adding the full hours (because if you only put what's left and it's under 278, that will also error...)


(It's been raised, about a year ago, but not changed)

Simon Liversedge

Thanks Steve that makes sense I shall just add the full hours in. 

Expecting a phone call in ten mins to talk about the FW issue too


What error is this triggering? I thought we'd have some errors show up where we haven't entered this, but none so far.