EPA on apprenticeship ILR


Hi can anyone advise I keep getting an error message stating:-

The End point assessment organisation payment record has been returned but there is no record of the End point assessment organisation.

As yet the employer has not decided on the EPA and the price is unknown - how do i get past this error?





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Sue Bishop

Have you added a TNP2?


Hi I have added total negotiated price and then set up the total assessment price but not added in any EPA details or costs as these are unknown. 

Have I missed something out?

Sue Bishop

If you don't know who the EPAO is, then you shouldn't add a TNP2.  Make your TNP1 the total cost to the employer and when you have finalised the EPAO you can split the costs down.  If the employer is on DAS, your TNP needs to match the cost on there or you'll have another mismatch.


Martin West

Have you entered a payment record PMR 2 for an Assessment payment when you have no TNP 2 Total assessment price recorded?