Yvonne Quinn

App Co investment report


Hi all

I have a learner showing on the co investment report.  The learner originally started an apprenticeship in 2017 and we collected the total due co investment at the start.  He then transferred to a levy paying employer and completed his apprenticeship June 2019.  He is now one of our employees and has now enrolled on another apprenticeship November 2020.  Does anyone know why his original apprenticeship in 2017 would be pulling through for this year?



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Ruth Canham-James


I get the same. I've reported it several times to the apprenticeships service. I can't see the wood for the trees when they're including apprenticeship data that never even existed in the current year. Please report it too, I feel like they don't take me at all seriously when I explain that this is a real problem, and they say that nobody else has reported it. I have dozens of students on that report with rows from old apprenticeships that are no longer of any relevance.

Martin Outlaw

We are also experiencing the same problems with this report, along with missing ULN despite the learner being on the next line, with the number in that, missing ERN, even on lines where the employer name has been returned from the Apprenticeship service. And just to add more confusion Non-Levy DAS is also being returned and there is no way to differentiate the Levy DAS from the Non-Levy DAS, and I need to do this as the Non-levy will be invoiced up front if necessary and the Levy are only invoiced if they go over their "budget", and this report is the only place to find that information. It used to be OK, it's now getting more confusing each month. Why on earth the ESFA didn't decide to use a different ACT code for Non-Levy DAS I don't know.

Ruth Canham-James

Please report all this! We've raised the issue of having another ACT code (3?) to represent non-Levy on the DAS several times, and so far ESFA have just told us that they don't think we need it (though I think they are still looking onto it). The more voices shouting for it, the better.

My other issue on this report, aside from the enrolments that don't even exist in this year, is students whose employers are non-levy and non-small so do owe us 5% contribution, but the total due this year is zero, when there should be a value. I'm pretty sure this is because they're ACT 1, and the report doesn't recognise that this means they owe us money.