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Additional Learning Support


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Please, can you help me with the full Deliverables for Additional Learning Support for Apprenticeships?

As far as I am aware for Apprenticeship Standards under Funding Model 36 the LSF FAM type can also be recorded against English/maths component aims, but I want to have the eligibility/ when it can be applied.

From my knowledge, a learner is eligible for LFS if, during the Initial Assessments, has been identified a learning difficulty (English and maths in this particular situation, where the learner is ‘working at’  the level below that which is being undertaken on the programme as determined by a diagnostic assessment).

Also, I know that a learner does not have to be registered disabled or have a formal learning difficulty as long as we have evidence of the need (a Plan the support to be delivered and the period for which the additional support is required), is this correct?


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Martin West

You need to identify a learning need to be able to claim LSF see the rules below.

Apprentices who need access to learning support

P90 Learning support is available to meet the costs of putting in place a reasonable adjustment, as set out in section 20 of the Equality Act 2010, for apprentices with a learning difficulty or disability where this affects their ability to continue and complete their apprenticeship, including costs associated with meeting identified needs in end point assessment. Learning support can only be claimed if it is required for this period.

P91 We will provide learning support for apprentices with learning difficulties or disabilities as defined in Section 15ZA(6) of the Education Act 1996 (as amended by section 41 of the Apprenticeships, Skills, Children and Learning Act 2009). This includes individuals who self-declare a learning difficulty or disability, and those who do not have a diagnosis of a learning difficulty or disability but in relation to whom the main provider has identified to us a learning need.

Madalina Berbece

Thank you. My confusion is if a maths/English low initial assessment is classed as a learning need when the learner has not self-declared or identified with any learning difficulty or disability. 

Martin West

A low initial assessment is not necessarily classed as a learning need as where applicable you can be funded for level 1 or below.

Madalina Berbece

Thank you, Martin. 

We have been currently following your advice but, for some reasons, I was under impression that with a support plan in place, the initial assessments and diagnostics can be used as proof of learning needs.