Carrie Rogers

FRM Reports


Just wondering if anyone elses FRM seems a little 'sparse'?  Only got 1 report populated again this month?



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Ruth C-J

What were FRM reports in 19/20 now appear in three different places.

Some have been converted to ILR errors, except they coded them as warnings only, and we don't check those as often usually. We now check errors and FRM warnings weekly at least.

Some are now in the output files you get every time you upload to SLD. That's great, as we don't have to wait until month end, but they took them out of the month end report we get on VYED. That's one report with multiple sheets.

The rest are on the new VYED dashboard. That is only one dashboard report, that you can export to a report that has all types of error on one sheet. I'd have thought they'd include all the ones we get from SLD as well as the others, but they stripped them out. I now have to save two reports at the end of each month so I can save notes about why some can't be resolved. I don't need to annotate the ones that are now ILR errors, as they're always fixable.

Carrie Rogers

Thank you Ruth!  I had totally forgot about the ones that came back as part of Month End files...  no wonder my VYED looks light!  (am currently running with 1 FRM warning that I cant do anything about!)

thanks so much

Ruth C-J

I did similar! I look after the FRM reports but one of my team does the ILR returns. They assumed I was dealing with the FRM reports, and hadn't clocked the SLD report, and I assumed the SLD ones would be duplicated in the VYED reports. I hadn't even registered that some were now ILR warnings. Heaven help anyone new to all this.

Caroline Smith

I have finally found the new FRM Reports on IDAMS/VYED, and if I am navigating them correctly I also only have 1 populated report (which seems unlikely!). Are we able to download & save these reports? Couldn't find a way?

Could anyone shed any light on FRM20 Learner Loans not in ILR? I have 2 learners on this report, and to the best of my (albeit limited) knowledge, they ARE in the ILR. I have previously checked a specific learner with Pellcomp/MI, who confirmed they WERE in the ILR Export/being reported. However the 2 learners on FRM 20 do not show on my Funding Summary Report, should they? I always assumed as the payment was made via a Loan and not ESFA they wouldn't appear. 

Sorry too many questions! Now i finally have a log-in for this Forum/Community there's no stopping me!