Catarina Smith

Off the job calculation formula


I'm having difficulty knowing if my calculator is formulated correctly as it doesn't match others i've seen. 

Could someone please advise:

My calculation is that a learner on a 12 month programme (or 366days) 5 days a week, 30hrs a week contract = 1398 contracted working hours and 281 20% threshold. 

I have done this by taking 366 - 28days (minimum statutory leave) = 338 (this would change depending on entitlement) 

388 - 104 (Non working days/weekends) = 234 working days

(30/5)*234 = 1404 hours for the 12 months and 20% = 281min OTJH

However the calculators I've seen others using, are calculating it as 52*30 (weeks per year X weekly contract hours) or 6*366 (daily hours X 366 days of the year)

If the non working days and the holiday entitlement is not included then you have way over the threshold. But could result in more paperwork later if that isn't met (because the requirement is too high/unrealistic) - so I want to be sure our calculator is working correctly with the above formula and we aren't miscalculating the minimum.

I was worried because of the 366 days on programme minimum. As the actual working days per year are 234 but the duration of the apprenticeship is 366 days. I am right in saying the duration of the apprenticeship isn't based on working days, but rather actual chronological days.  

Any advice is appreciated.



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Martin West

When compared to the example in the OTJ guide there is little difference?

52 weeks (minus 5.6 weeks statutory annual leave) = 46.4 weeks

46.4 weeks x 30 hours = 1,392 hours

1,392 hours x 0.2 (minimum 20% off-the-job training) = 278.4 hours.

In your example you have a 1 year programme as 366 days (that is 52.28 weeks and not 52) you have the same issue with the statutory leave which should be based on a year + 1 day

52.28 weeks (minus 5.63 weeks statutory annual leave) = 46.655 weeks

46.655 weeks x 30 hours = 1,399 hours

1,399 hours x 0.2 (minimum 20% off-the-job training) = 279.9 hours.

You should follow the example in the guidance and I would avoid mixing days and weeks in the calculation it has to be one or the other,

Catarina Smith

@Martin West Thanks for your reply, really helpful i will tweek my calculation- and I will be sure not to mix weeks and days. I'm just glad i was close and not miles off. 

I really wish the ESFA would produce a calculator for everyone. I've been shared two from conferences and they are both different. I guess its liability if something gets edited.  

Martin West

You can use the ESFA calculator built into the template.