Jaci Littlewood

ACT & Redundancy


When a learner has been made redundant and they fall into the cohort that they wish to continue with their apprenticeship, I know that we change their employment status to unemployed, but do we also close the existing ACT with a closure date and complete a new ACT Code with the start date to match the new unemployment status?


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Martin West

No need to change ACT or add an end date to the existing record

Carrie Rogers

Sorry to disagree (possibly) but doesnt it depend on what the ACT of the employer had been?

Martin West

No see the guidance:

If an apprentice is made redundant, you must record this in a new Learner Employment Status record with Employment status code 11 or 12, as applicable. While the apprentice is eligible to continue their programme (see the apprenticeship funding rules), an Apprenticeship contract FAM type of ACT1 or ACT2 corresponding to the most recent employment period must remain in place without an end date in order to receive payment. If a new employer is found for the apprentice, then a new apprenticeship contract FAM type and a new negotiated price record must be recorded for the start of the period of learning with the new employer.

If an apprentice becomes unemployed and is not eligible to continue their programme, they must be withdrawn from the apprenticeship.