Emily Savage

Co-Investment Payment from Second Employer?


I have an apprentice who has moved from one non-levy employer to another. Should we be asking the second non-levy employer to pay a co-investment fee of 5% of the remaining course fees, even though this was also originally paid by the first non-levy employer?

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Hi, yes I believe so, we have had a few of these. We refund the first employer for the remaining delivery and then charge the remaining 5% to the new employer, we also record it on the ILR.

Ruth C-J

Yes, you do have to charge 5%, and you should also refund the first employer for about the same amount. Just be careful the you round carefully if the numbers end up with pence, so you don't end up £1 short! I always round our refunds down to the nearest pound, and our required co-investment up to the nearest pound. I really love 10 or 20 month apprenticeship where everything divides beautifully.

Sue Bishop

Ruth, do you charge an admin fee for refunds?


Ruth C-J

No, we don't charge an admin fee. It would just add an extra layer of complexity, and I'm not sure ESFA wouldn't frown on that.

Sue Bishop

Thanks Ruth.