Chris Roberts

Study Programme Withdrawals


Good afternoon

Can anyone help on how to adjust the study programme GLH if a learner withdraws within the 6 week qualifying period?

For example if we have a learner on a study programme of 450 hours but only completes 40 hours within 4 weeks are we to simply to re-adjust the ILR and input the hours that have been completed against the attendance registers?




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Ruth Canham-James

16-19 Funding Guidance says;

Q16 When a student withdraws from their entire study programme before they meet
the funding start criteria do their planned hours need adjustment?
A No. When a student withdraws from all their learning aims, and therefore withdraws
from their whole programme, as long as they have not met the criteria to count as a
funded start then providers do not need to change the planned hours. This can be
checked by using the 16 to 19 funding claim report that only lists students who have
met their relevant funding start criteria.

GLH is no longer used in the ILR, that's just used nationally to determine funding rates on each learning aim I think.

Chris Roberts

Hi Ruth thanks for the response. This is what I saw in the guidance which is why I'm getting confused as what to do. I think coming from apprenticeships is giving me a mental block. 

As our SP programme consists of Employability (core aim) then Maths and English, is a learner leaves then they are withdrawn from all aims. 

Q12 If a young person withdraws from just one learning aim in their study programme
within the first 6 weeks of their programme during the funding year, does the
institution have to change the planned hours?
A12 Yes, the institution must update the planned hours to remove all of the hours for
the aim from the total. This rule applies regardless of the original length of the study
programme or the funding band of the student. If excluding the hours already
delivered within the first 6 weeks would make a material difference to the student’s
funding band, institutions can include just the hours that they have already delivere

Ruth Canham-James

Q12 is specifically where they withdraw from some aims, but remain on others. That's because we'd continue to receive funding, and if we didn't adjust the planned hours, would still be claiming funding for hours on an aim they didn't qualify for funding on. If they withdraw completely before they qualify for funding, it doesn't matter what the hours are, you get no funding regardless.

Alan Taws

Guidance states that if a 16-19 learner withdraws from the institution entirely after the 6 weeks qualifying period then there is no need to change the planned hours claim. But what if the learner is on a short programme, qualifying after 2 weeks but withdrawing entirely within 6 weeks - I would assume the same principle applies i.e. if the learner is withdrawing entirely then no adjustment is necessary?


Chris Baker


I just wanted to ask a similar question,

A learner started in September and attended through to Christmas,but have now moved to Scotland because of the Fathers job.I need to withdraw this Learner,but how do we get paid for the hours we have delivered ? Do we need to adjust the ILR ?