Melanie Aspinall

Change Apprentice Standard Level



Where an apprentice is struggling on the level of standard, can we transfer them down a level (same standard) without having to do a further 12 months as minimum duration? The apprentice has already done a significant amount of work at the higher level but is struggling and rather than withdraw the apprentice and make them start all over again (on work already covered), is there a way to drop a level without doing the minimum duration?



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Martin West

Individual standards do not have levels as they are related to an occupation.

It would have to be a withdrawal and new start.

Melanie Aspinall

Thanks for the prompt reply, Martin. Does this mean it can be a withdrawal and a restart and recalculated to just the amount of training and assessment required eg. 6 months instead of 12?

Martin West

No all new starts must meet the minimum duration and the 20% OTJT requirement, for your scenario it is doubtful due to APL that they would be eligible.

Melanie Aspinall

I thought as much. Thanks for the confirmation.