Angela Baskerville

National Skills Offer


We are just doing our planning for next year.  Looking at the national skills offer L3 courses all have an approval end date of 31 July 2021, is this not continuing into next year?  Seems madness for it to run just from April to July 21.


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Martin West

Take no notice of the funding approval end date, it is the last date for new starts you need to check.

Angela Baskerville

Hi Martin 

It states in the spreadsheet that lists the qualifications that:

"The Approval end date field shows the last date that a student can start on a qualification and be funded through this offer. In some cases, an awarding organisation may apply an operational end date to a qualification that is before the date this qualification offer will end. This means that the qualification will no longer available for new starts after that operational end date, and is why some qualifications in this list have an approval end date before the offer ends on 31 July 2021."

They all have an approval end date of 31 July 2021 which unless I am missing something means that all learners need to start before the 31 July in order to be funded?

Martin West

I think you are correct but the existing skills offer spreadsheet is for the current funding year and may or may not be extended for starts in 21/22 not sure what the policy is for next year.