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Supported Internship and ERN


We have a small no. of Supported Internship students on a Study Programme. Do I need to apply for ERNs, I am not clear about this? I have read that they need one within 60 days of them starting their programme. I can feel the stress rising as R06 is looming as I think it can take 10 days and i don't have all the information regarding the employer?

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Hi Ann

Looking at the Validation Rules, all of the checks that refer to ERN (that I can see!) in the work placement record are looking for Traineeships. SIs don't use ProgType 24 do they? So whilst the ILR spec says you need an ERN for SIs within 60 days, I can't see a validation rule that enforces it...

Ann Hill

Thanks for your speedy response. I no have most of them but I'm still confused by the terminology. Is the  WorkPlaceEmpId the same as ERN? Thank you

Page 182: WorkPlaceEmpId Field length 9  LearningDeliveryWorkPlacement Collection requirements

LearningDeliveryWorkPlacement Collection requirements16-19 excluding Apprenticeships (FundModel 25), Traineeships (ProgType 24) Valid entries

A valid Employer ID number from the Employer Data Service (EDS). This is a nine digit number Pattern 


􀁸 This field must be recorded for all learners undertaking a work experience placement as part of a traineeship or Supported Internship. It is not required for work placements that are part of other 16-19 study programmes

􀁸 This field must contain a valid employer number from the Employer Data Service (EDS).

􀁸 A value of 999999999 can be used temporarily (within 60 days of the work placement start date) until the employer number is known.


In a word "yes" :)

Ann Hill

Thank you  :-)