Jodie Cataldo

Digital Account - Apprentices requests website down!?!


Hi all,

Is anyone else getting an error (HTTP Error 400) when trying to access Apprentice requests on the DAS? 



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Joanne Sage

Yes I am too.  I have to go in using Google Chrome and then still have to refresh the link a couple of times before it will work.

Jodie Cataldo

Thanks Joanne, I'll give that a go.

Victoria Mansfield

It started off a bit flaky today, but it seems to have gotten worse over the course of the morning. Does anyone know if there is a systems status update page where they communicate about problems like this and expected resolution times? Thanks

Jenny Johnson

DAS is still down, I have imputed a new learner details then I got the Error 400 message - 

Jodie Cataldo

I logged it this morning using the feedback function of chat - hopefully it will resolve soon and I'll post the replay when I've had a response.


Jodie Cataldo

This has now been escalated to the Apprenticeship Service Specialists Team

Sam Bern

Haven't been able to access the requests page since Friday. I've contacted the DAS service desk. Have tried clearing cache, using different browsers.


Jodie Cataldo

Hi all

Just received the following notification:

We have redeployed the services, please kindly log out of your session and re-try the functionality.

I have tested and it is working for me again.

Thanks all