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Hi there

please can anyone offer me any advice to see if we can offer a study programme (less than 150 hrs)  to a 16 yr old who has autism. Unfortunately he does not have a EHCP and I am told he cannot be assessed for one until he is in education so we are trying to get him enrolled on a Study Programme with CALAT

My question is if he is not yet ready for a qualification can his core learning aim be a PLP in English or maths

Can we offer a Study Programme that spans over one year, as he is only 16 yrs and it would be good to keep him in education

My understanding from the guidance is that if a Study programme is under 150 hrs - the learner does not have to take a qualification in English or maths - is that correct ?

He can do volunteering in his family's business which can come under EEP hours 

Any advice appreciated

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Martin West

Young people aged 16-18 should be in full time education if not employed.

Ruth Canham-James

It's not as simple as full time education or employed. The full details on Raising the Participation Age are here;

If a student doesn't meet one of these categories, you need to report it to your local authority. Every year we seem to have one of two students that fail RPA, but that the local authority know about and have authorised (usually part time for reasons of for disability, learning difficulty, mental health or personal issues). As I understand it, it's the LA's their responsibility to manage, and it's just the provider's responsibility to report to them when a student isn't meeting RPA rules.

Linda Theodoris

Thank you both for your replies - i will investigate further .  The funding rules do say that a young person can do a Study programme for less than 150 hrs - so I am confused 

Part-time study programmes may be agreed where, for example, a student:

  • combines part-time education with full-time employment
  • has a health issue that prevents them from being in education for more than a few hours a week, or
  • needs a specific small qualification or period of work experience to progress to further education or employment

Ruth Canham-James

A student could be 17 or 18 on 31 Aug of the academic year in which they started, so come under the Young Person funding rules, but RPA only applies up until a person's 18th birthday. So students who are 18 at the beginning of the year, or turn 18 near the beginning of the year, can be part time.


Linda Theodoris

Thank you Ruth