Rebecca Woodward

Amending payment records after hard close


Due to an admin error some co-investment payment records weren't entered onto the ILR before hard close 19/20. The learner completed in 19/20 academic year and we have not received the completion payment for said learner. Could this be the reason why? As in we haven't recorded we have collected all of the con-investment due, and is there any way of now inputting this record to be re-exported out and release the completion payment?

Any help appreciated.


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Martin West

It is a hard lesson to learn but hard close means exactly that and you cannot adjust or alter funding in the previous funding year.

You can correct any administrative data errors, see the PSM guidance for correcting errors in a previous funding year but this would not attract or adjust funding.

Rebecca Woodward

Thanks for your reply Martin. I did fear this would be the case.