Co-invest Report



Does anybody have a way to easily identify non-levy and levy employers on the co-invest report from the monthly period end reports? We used to use the LDM but now we use LDM1 for levy and non-levy with non-levy starts going on the Apprenticeship Service.

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Ruth C-J

You can't tell the difference, and it's making my job really difficult. Several of us have been asking ESFA if we can have a third Apprenticeship Contract Type (ACT) for non-levy payers in the DAS, particularly for this reason. Please raise this with ESFA as well if you would find it useful, as it will add weight to our argument if more people ask for it.


If you had a Non Levy using DAS (ACT1) does it matter if you can't distinguish them from usual Levy employers - wouldn't you be invoicing them anyway? Just wondering if i have missed something obvious, its not a report i usually deal with!

On another note, do you know what it means when the Apprenticeship Contract Type column is blank i.e no 1 or 2 displayed?

Ruth C-J

It matters very much because I need to know which are the 5% and which are insufficient funds. We don't invoice the non-levy employers on a monthly basis, we mostly charge up front. Plus, I already know about those. We've already invoiced on day one, Finance are always aware and chasing, so I can pretty much ignore those. The levy paying insufficient funds ones are a whole different, much more complicated story. I want to be able to pick those out to deal with separately.