Who can complete a English Apprenticeship standard?


We have a client who has asked to privately fund an employee who is ineligible under the ESFA requirements for a funded English apprenticeship standard. They live in Scotland and do not spend 50% of their time working in England. Due to the nature of the remote delivery they would be able to undertake and complete the same learning as others who are eligible.

My question would be is this allowed and would an EPA organisation allow them to sit EPA? Can they even be awarded an English apprenticeship standard? 

I assume i'll find the answer in the Apprenticeships, Skills, Children and Learning Act 2009 but before I go down that rabbit hole wanted to check if anyone already has experience of this.


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Hi Paul

I've heard of several large cross-UK organisations doing this, so I'm pretty sure it's fine.

The interesting thing was about having to put them in your ILR, as Funding Model 99, because otherwise the certification process at the end gets tricky (this may have been sorted out).


Thanks Steve. 
I'll do a bit more digging and I'm also waiting hear back from the EPA involved but I assume if we administer it and deliver it as we would any other i.e. OTJ hours requirement, the need to complete Fskills prior to EPA gateway etc. then we shouldn't run into any issues.