Tim Billinghurst

Apprentices and Laptops


I have found this document:


As an ITP we are attempting to tap into some additional funding for learners to get laptops etc.  I have found this document, but I cannot find anything in the funding rules or the Provider Support Document which highlights how the additional ALN/ASN £150 per month additional funding can be used.  This document highlights that its possible to use it on:

"Providing equipment such as laptops for coursework."

Please let me know your thoughts.


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Martin West

That was an old research document and not policy, the latest from the ESFA is that it is the employers responsibility.

Sue Bishop

Isn't that for learners with social and safeguarding support needs?

I thought Gillian Keegan said last week that employers should be providing such support for their apprentices?



So a bunch of that doc is referring to the before times, ALN/ASN is a relic from pre-Levy times and doesn't exist anymore.

IF your learners have a declared disability/learning difficulty AND IF it's the only way for you to meet your duties under the Equalities Act for that learner AND IF their employer can't get Access To Work funding THEN (and only then) could you use the current Learning Support Funding to buy equipment. It's intentionally vague in the rules because they don't really want to deal with what's in and out, if it might be vital for individual learners to achieve.

And, yes, I believe the minister's quote was "it's not the state's place to buy everyone a laptop"...

Tim Billinghurst

Thank you for all your responses.