Ian Day

Understanding the ESFA Remittance Advice



Can anyone help, or guide, me please to understand the ESFA Remittance Advice in more detail? I have looked for guidance, and looked through our ILR data, but didn't have any joy with working out specific payments and what this relates to. Any assistance would be appreciated.




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Hi Ian

The Apps Monthly Payment report that is produced around the same day as the remittance is sent out *usually* matches up pretty well? I'd advise using pivot tables to sum by funding type and then using the R* Total columns which should give you values that look somewhat like the remittance!

Ian Day

Hi Steve,

Thanks very much and I eventually found the you report you mentioned :)

I've started to create pivot tables and now looking at the remittance advice, it mentions 'reconciliation' a few times but I can't see what exactly is being reconciled. Is this related to backdated payments i.e. starts/completers being added in later months? I did read the 2020-21 ILR Funding Reports manual but there's no mention of this.

Yvonne Brunsden

Hi Ian

I have the same problem.  Where did you find the 'Apps Monthly Payment report'

Thank you

Ian Day

Hi Yvonne,

You will find the report in Submit Learner Data. Go to 'Reports'  and then 'Submission History'. You will then see the previous R returns and the Apps Monthly Payment Report is in the 'Period End reports' zip file.