Kate Saunders

16-18 start changed employment and funding stream to DAS



I have a few learners that have gain new employment and were original ACT2 funded through contract for services with the employer, and now with a new employer so wish to move onto the DAS part way through qualification(This is so the new employer can access the new employer Incentive) so ACT changes to ACT1 from date of new employment. I

But I am getting the following error for 1 of 3 learners *The learner must not have different apprenticeship contract types recorded at the same time.  

Any advise much appreciated.



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Ruth C-J

Did you remember to add a new ACT record for all English and/or maths components, as well as the programme aim?

Also, just to check, you didn't actually change the existing ACT record? You have to close the old one, and add another with a new date from.

Kate Saunders

Hi Ruth, 

Thank you problem solved, we did have maths and english that we hadn't changed.

much appreciated