Rachel Leigh

ACT 1 Levy or Non Levy


Is there any way of distinguishing on either the Apps Monthly Payment Report or the Apps Indicative Earnings Report whether the learner is a 'levy' or 'non-levy who has reserved funding on DAS'?

Thanks in advance


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If you'd like to have this option, please write to the Service Desk saying you support the introduction of ACT 3 to record these learners in the ILR, ideally with an estimate of how much time you're wasting trying to work it out yourself.

(the less militant answer is for you to record it in a spare LearnDelProvMon field (which shows up on the reports) to separate them out, providing you have a spare, of course...)

Martin Outlaw


They are distinguishable in the Apps monthly payment report, and the Apps additional payments under the "Funding Line Type", however they are not distinguishable in the Apps Indicative Funding, or the Co-investment contributions report. I find the fact they they are missing from the con-investment report, most bemusing, when it is part of the month end reports where the information is clearly available for them to use.


Rachel Leigh

Thank you for your replies.  So on the Apps Monthly payment report if it is a 16-18 Non Levy on DAS what should the funding line type be compared to 16-18 Non Levy that isn't on DAS?

Sue Bishop

The funding line will start NLA - non levy on apprenticeship service and it's definitely reported on apps monthly payment report.


Rachel Leigh

Thanks all for your help!

Carol Jackson

I am still confused!

For a non-levy paying employer (who has reserved funds from the Levy) I should record on the ILR as Levy Paying?


The ILR DOES NOT RECORD "levy paying", the ILR only records "is the apprentice on the Apprenticeship Service?"

Carol Jackson

Ahh thank you, I think that might just be a field on our own files and not one that gets matched.  Another question on non-levy paying apprentices what amount do we record for the Total Price - the full amount or net of the 5%?

Zoe Penny

I'd also be interested to know how to record TNP lines for a Non-Levy AS learners if anyone has any advice