Jon Marshall

Learner support fund


HI, can any tell me how we apply for the learner support fund.  We have seen lots of posts about how organisations are using the funding we know how to record the fund in our MIS system.  We are new to the learner support fund arena and have learners that would benefit from the funding. I have searched websites but cannot find any information about applying for the fund, any help would be appreciated


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OK, just so we're clear, LearnER Support is part of AEB only and provides "hardship" support for books, travel etc for classroom-based adults, so if you have an AEB contract you can apply to vire some of your allocation to the LearnER Support line (the dates are in the appendix to the funding rules).

LearnING Support is for both AEB and Apprenticeships and provides extra funding where you are making adjustments to meet your Equality Act obligations for disabled learners. There isn't an "application" for either AEB or Apps, for AEB it's part of your contracted value but for Apps on the Apprenticeship Service, you Just Claim It in the ILR and you will be paid £150 a month, providing you follow the rules about identifying the needs, planning the additional costs and evidencing your delivery of it.

Su Roberts

Hi, so I am clear on LearnING support, claim through ILR £150 a month automatically paid, AEB learners who qualify.

However, re learnER support  - I understand what it can be used for, and that we need to add a FAM code with start and end dates on our MIS system. But is there a fixed amount for this? and if not, do we just add the amount we want to vire from AEB allocation to the monthly return?