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ILR INPUT ERROR Incorrect aim number


Can someone please help

Functional skills on the ILR have been submitted in error for the incorrect awarding body

Can i just amend the aim ref number and all ok or do i have to end the incorrect aim number and add the new one



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Yes, just change the learning aim.

The only time this wouldn't be OK would be if they were in last year's R14, then you'd have to withdraw back to start date and add the new ones, but if it's in-year then you can just change the aim. Given they're all funded at the same value, it won't change anything monetarily.

Jane Clements

Thanks steve   great help

What do i do if they are on R14?


(firstly, if these are Apps, it *kind of* doesn't matter because they're not part of your QAR or anything, but let's pretend we're doing things properly ;))

So, per the Provider Support Manual:

Provider support manual: Correcting errors (fasst.org.uk)

if you find the wrong aim has been used after R14, for an aim that's continuing into this year, you set the incorrect aim to Transferred on the start date and add an additional record with the correct learning aim starting the same day.

If it's been and gone and finished in R14 and isn't in this year at all, then there's nothing you can do, it's just wrong. I'd advise writing notes in the appropriate learners' files to point this out, just in case it rears its head some time down the road...