Chris Roberts

Adult Skills - Rule Violation - UKPRN_06


Hi all

I'm getting this error below for 2 learners that started with us in January on AEB. 

UKPRN_06 There is no Adult skills funding relationship for this UKPRN

The error's didn't show up in FIS but when adding the ILR into the submit learner page.

I have emailed the service desk but at this rate we won't receive any funding for these 2 starts.

Is anyone else experiencing the same issue?




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Yes, this is an SLD only error because FIS doesn't have details of the contracts we hold.

What SOFs have they got? Obvious reason would be they're set to a devolved area you don't have a contract for (because you've cleared the error that says their postcode doesn't belong to national?). Or vice versa if you're only devolved?

Chris Roberts

Thanks Steve. The postcodes were incorrect for the learners.

Paul Dodd

Response from helpdesk;

"As discussed. The UKPRN_06 is a known issue. The rule is triggering incorrectly on our side. I will keep you informed of any changes or update you once this has been resolved. This will not result in learner clawbacks"


Jerome Watson

I am just wondering if there are any updates on this error code? Do we need to add any LDM codes?

I am trying to submit the return and getting this error message>


Thank you,



Ooh, interesting, pretty sure the previous issue had gone away...

Are your learners from a devolved area Ankit? Or, slightly more worryingly, an area that's about to be devolved (West Yorks/Sheffield City Region)?

Liana Warbrick

I had the UKPRN_06 error also, when I coded quals. that started in Sept 2020 with FM118 for devolved area Sheffield I get an error (but not on provision starting in 2021) and I also got an error when put them back to FM35. Not sure how I needed to code them


Do you have a carry-in budget from National for your learners who started Sept 20? If you are grant-funded you should have, and the learners would be coded the same as last year, but if you were national Contracted, those learners were only fundable (everywhere) up to July 2021?

You definitely can't code a Sept 20 start as Sheffield, that much I'm certain of...


Liana Warbrick

Thanks Steve, I've submitted the file with errors on provision which started in Sept 2020 coded as FM35 rather that FM118 and raised a support call, I'll see what they say.  The EFSA informed us our carry-in budget is £0.


It's all FM35. It's SOF that changes, so National is SOF 105, Sheffield is SOF 118