Judy McConnel



We have a new employer who has set up their DAS account and had two Apprentices ready to start in January. However, the employer didn't appear on EDRS and after investigation we are being told that "ERNs can not be issued for Non-UK registered companies" - the company is registered in Ireland with UK offices; one of which has employed these two Apprentices.

I don't seem to be able to create a new organisation on YETI (Cognisoft) without the ERN - so currently can't get these two learners onto the ILR. 

Has anyone come across this situation before and has a solution? 

Many thanks, Judy. 


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Martin West

Where did you get that from?

The employer number from EDRS identifies the workplace location, you can search using the workplace post code and add a record where no existing record exists.

Judy McConnel

Hi Martin,

That answer came from the ESFA/EDRS!

Yes, we added the new employer (UK office address) but then that request gets sent to the ESFA for checking with the employer organisation. They've done their checks and come back with that reply about the Non-UK registered companies so we're a bit stuck!

Martin West

If it is not an English employer they cannot use Levy DAS funding.

Judy McConnel

That's odd then Martin, as they set up their DAS account with no issues? 

Martin West

Go back to the ESFA as I think you are misunderstanding what the EDRS number is.